Pool Safety Alarm   Automatic device for drowning prevention powered by AI

Drowning Detection Systems - what they are and what is their purpose

Drowning detection systems, utilizing advanced video monitoring or camera technology, are meticulously engineered to enhance safety standards, significantly minimizing the risk of drowning incidents in both public and private aquatic settings such as pools, waterparks, thermal baths, and spa facilities. These systems provide a solution for mitigating surface glare and eliminating blind spots in swimming pools. Active systems are intelligently designed to continuously monitor pool activity and promptly alert for potential incidents.

Advantages of Modern Pool Alarms

As technology advances, so do pool alarm systems. Today's modern pool alarms provide enhanced safety features beyond simply alerting you to someone in the water. These innovative devices not only protect within the pool but also its surroundings. Here's why modern pool alarm devices are indispensable:

  • Accident Prevention: Send alert when a person is near the pool
  • Smartphone Connectivity: Enabling real-time monitoring in pool
  • Behavior Patterns: Detect stationary individuals in the water
  • Automatic Pool Safety Device

    MYLO - an automatic safety device for pools. Utilizing artificial intelligence and two cameras, it monitors and reports the conditions in the pool and its surroundings. In the event of danger near the pool, it triggers an alarm and notifies you of the danger, by the pool in the house and on your smartphone in real time.



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