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Expending Pool Security Business - Searching for New Opportunities

After more than 33 years in the swimming pool construction sector and the completion of over 1000 pool projects, we have identified a significant gap and a corresponding opportunity in the swimming pool safety sector. We firmly believe that a pool should not only be captivating and functional but also safe. With this principle in mind, we have dedicated ourselves to prioritizing mobility and technology in our solutions.

All the pool security solutions we offer share a common characteristic – portability. Our products can be seamlessly installed and easily removed from swimming pools, either with minor adjustments to the pool area or without any adjustments at all, ensuring convenience and flexibility for our clients.

If your goals and ideas align with ours, and you aim to provide reliable and innovative solutions in the pool safety sector to enhance your customers' security, we encourage you to reach out to us.



Searching for Distributors

In order to expand your and our business we are searching for distributors, retailers, webshops, constuction companies in swimming pool sector across Europe. If interested in expanding your commercial activities in the pool safety sector get in contact with us.

Phone number: +386 40 839 699

E-mail: #EM#696f646c447663647d7b6f7263787c7f7f7e7e3d777a7b#EM#

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