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The Pool Safety Device - MYLO

The Pool Safety Device - MYLO employs advanced cameras and AI technology. It offers you seamless real-time monitoring of the pool and its vicinity. Both above and underwater cameras, it diligently observes activities occurring over and below the water surface. By means of prompt push notifications, it promptly notifies you whenever someone approaches the pool. Moreover, it also serves as a drowning prevention system, promptly alerting you in the unfortunate event of drowning in the pool. It has two strategically positioned alarms. One situated by the poolside, while the second alarm is conveniently located in your home.

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Removable Pool Fence

To improve safety at your pool, you can use a collapsible safety fence. This physically prevents access to the pool. The pool safety net is suitable for both the swimming season and the winter when the pool is not in use. During summer, it prevents physical access to the water, while in winter, it prevents access to an empty pool. In the former case, the pool safety fence helps prevent drowning, while in the latter, it prevents potential falls and injuries. Since the fence is mobile, you can easily store it for the next season, preserving the aesthetic appearance of your pool area.

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With 33 years of experience and expertise, along with a portfolio of over 1000 successfully built pools, we have identified a significant potential in the field of pool safety. Our mission is to prevent accidents and ensure the highest level of safety in pool environments. We offer a range of top-quality safety systems and products specifically designed for pool safety.


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